This study abroad trip is designed to introduce students to the religious, cultural and historical realities of the Holy Land. This land is sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims, yet, there may be no other place on earth that has experienced more division, suffering and conflict, with religion as a primary contributing factor.

The course will explore the significance of the Holy Land (and the holiest of its cities, Jerusalem) in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam through the centuries, but with particular emphasis on the contemporary situation. The course will adopt a broad perspective that will include theological, geographical, and archeological aspects significant to each of the monotheistic traditions. Of equal importance will be focus on how physical space, ideas, and cultural practice have given expression to the holiness of the land, as it is perceived by adherents of the three religions. Included are daily excursions to sites such as the Temple Mount, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Bethlehem, Jericho, The Galilee and Jordan River, and more.